Ibiza vibes

I’ve been away for a few days and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t shoot some cute outfits for ya. My boyfriend and I visited Ibiza – which you might have seen on Instagram – and we found the most beautiful locations to shoot my outfits. He is the sweetest for wanting to do that, by the way. That being said: time to show you the first look!

We were driving around the island, looking for a place to check out Es Vedra. We took a wrong turn somewhere, but ended up visiting this cute little town with white houses and aqua doors. This shed was abandoned (the whole village was, actually haha) so I jumped out of the car for some pictures. This gives me the perfect Ibiza vibes, how about you?

When I saw this bohemien top on the website of MS Mode I was convinced this was the perfect Ibiza top. It’s flowy, summer white, it has this cute neckline and it goes perfectly with this pair of shaping jeans. The fabric turned out to be a bit thick, which was perfect. It is still spring on Ibiza, and with a strong wind coming from the sea it was a bit cold sometimes.

Shaping jeans are my favorites. They feel super comfortable but look hella sexy. They make my butt look amazing – if I do say so myself – and I love the fact that they’re skinny and long enough to fit my ankles.

  • Jeans: MS Mode (c/o)
  • Top: MS Mode (c/o)
  • Sandals: Forever21

Shot in March 2017

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