3 outfits with a pink jacket

I really do not like Aerosmith, but I know the song Pink by heart. I love to wear pink on my lips, eyes, shoes, clothes… I received a beautiful suedine jacket from MS Mode and I’ve combined it in 3 different outfits. Always here for your inspiration 😉

Distressed jeans

I’m wearing a black jeans that I decided to destroy it after it bored me for a while. Paired it up with a striped tee (always a good idea) and a white tote bag that says ‘throw it in my little bag’, but it’s spelled with an accent 😉 I got it for my birthday and it’s my fave! Got so many great comments on it, people love it. If you’re a Dutch girl with a passion for Rotterdam: www.hetrotterdamswarenhuis.nl.

Pastel pretty

Never thought of this combination until my friend Lesley pointed it out to me. Lilac and pink, is that even a thing? Doesn’t it hurt the eyes? Well: it doesn’t. It’s supercute! The soft colors go really well together. I made the outfit casual with my favorite shaping jeans from MS Mode. The shoes are from Woden.

The polkadot

It’s not nice to have favorites but this really is my fave outfit. I kinda “stole” the pants from Lesley, as they were to big for her 😀 It’s such a loose fabric, I love it, thanks sweetie 😉 the wedges and polkadot top are from Primark, as well as the earrings and the little purse. I just love standing in heels – even though it always hurts – but heels make me feel fabulous. I think every woman gets that feeling!

Shot in april 2017 by Lesley.


  1. Camilla schreef:

    I like to weat pink too and your three outfits are pretty cute!




    1. margiedepargie schreef:

      Thanks Cami thats so sweet of you! ❤️

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