What’s code:curvy?

code:curvy is a place where I post my outfits. Since I’m a curvy girl, I speak to a certain group of women. I’ve been inspiring girls in the Netherlands on my Dutch blog, www.hetismarg.nl, but I wanted to inspire more ladies.

Why this name?

Yeah, that curvy part is clear. I’ve got curves. But what’s up with the code? Well… I’m a webdesigner. I work fulltime at an ICT company where I take care of designing websites, logo’s, apps, brochures etc. Designing isn’t always Photoshop: I’m a real HTML and CSS nerd and I love it.

And let’s just face it: we all love a little alliteration 🙂 Double C, woohoo!

About code:curvy
I'm Margo and I'm a curvy fashionblogger from the Netherlands. I'm 29 years old and I love to share pictures of my outfits with you! I really wish to inspire other women to dare more: to step out of their comfort zones and to wear what they like! Fashion doesn't have to be complicated 🙂
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  1. josine schreef:

    Die hoed & bril vind ik echt fantastisch!!

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